Working with Ingenuo brings you
at least four key advantages


First of all: Ingenuo operates product or technique independent. Ingenuo has no obligations to third parties to (re)sell licenses of software, techniques, models or any of such. Therefore we are always having an open mind to set-up the right environment that suites your solution best as well performs financially (costs) best. Your advantage is that you do not have to worry that the solution of choice offered is influenced by other interests.


Secondly: all the work done by Ingenuo has always a scientific base. We make sure the fundamentals of science are applied: measuring the right data, check and control standards, peer-review and rerun models or algorithms. This scientific base is anchored in our project approach. This brings you certainty that what we deliver, the outcome, always comes along with the degree of certainty.

in control

Thirdly: all the data that has to be used running the Data Science project, remains at your premises or at the location you have determined. This means that you are always in control of your (own generated, stored, bought) data and data environment. We will set-up data warehouse environments when needed, but in that same environment, and will run models and algorithms always in your own (test-) environment. Data Scientists of Ingenuo never will download your data, restore it elsewhere, archive, back-up… none of the above. Your data is always secured by your standards and you do not have to worry of data leaks.


Fourthly: in our data analyses we always validate data records. This means that all data, specific data of third parties, that is/will be used is labeled with a certainty factor of accuracy. Ingenuo states this is required for any kind of big data and data science project. This prevents models selecting mathematically the wrong variables not having certainty factors of origins in place. Working with the Data Scientists of Ingenuo ensures you that these mistakes are avoided which brings you at any given moment more trustworthy outcomes you can rely on.