the company ingenuo

Being genius combined with the power
of simplification in the expertise
of Data Science; that’s Ingenuo.

Do you want to get to best out of (your) big data?

obviously ingenuo is a perfectly understandable choice!

Business and personal activities have been digitized in an ever-accelerating pace. Exponential increasing volume of data is perfect having lots of facts at hand to support decision making processes. On the other hand, having such vast volumes makes it more complicated to sort out what are the real relevant factors and variables getting you to the right and best decisions.

Ingenuo has the ambition to create scientifically based models and algorithms for our customer that has the brilliance of genius in it, as well to make big data and data science understandable in the right simplification of the working mechanisms behind. We apply top-notch technologies like Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, yet at all times make it clear to you what the implications are and
shall be.

Our team of data scientists is looking forward hearing your challenge and present our approach to you in customized detail.